Patient Testimonials

"I’ve never had a better doctor, who cares for my overall health and well-being. The experience from just walking in to all aspects of the appointment are handled with kindness, friendship and care. The medical assistant goes out of her way to make me comfortable, laugh, and even makes lab work ok! The concierge service is so fantastic, why would anyone do anything else."

"I have been a patient for almost 10 years. My physician is personable, welcoming and a great Doctor. His staff is also great, and his medical assistant does a fantastic job!"

"I've seen my physician for 5 plus years following him from when his previous practice to North Texas Preferred Health Partners. He's competent, engaged and responsive. His medical assistant and staff are also fantastic. If you haven't tried concierge medicine, it's worth it. I'm healthy and don't go to the doc much but am glad to have the quick access when I need it."

"My physician has always far exceeded our expectations when taking care of our boys. We are very fortunate to have him as our child care provider!"

"My physician is such an amazing doctor!! She has the most warm and welcoming spirit. She listens to everything and cares about everything you have going on. She is the BEST doctor I’ve had! I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone!"

"We followed my physician from his previous practice to NTPHP. I can honestly say it has been the best decision I have ever made for both my family and me. The level, quality and responsiveness of care is OUTSTANDING!"

"My husband and I saw our NTPHP physician for our first visit after struggling to find a physician that met our needs. As a nurse, I sought out a physician who displayed excellent medical knowledge, was careful and thorough during examinations, and communicated clearly and precisely. Our doctor displays all of these skills and characteristics. We are so very pleased and would recommend her to others seeking the best of care from their doctor."

"Most amazing doctor I’ve ever had. Spends time talking and chatting and really listening to your concerns. His staff is extremely knowledgeable and helpful and very timely and returning phone calls or messages."

"When I was searching for a new PCP, my first contact was with the front desk. She was so forthcoming with information about the practice that I scheduled an introduction meeting. I immediately felt so at ease during this meeting that I looked no further for someone interested in keeping me as healthy as possible for as long as possible. The medical assistant is top notch, no matter what the task. I could not be happier with my choice or my experience."

"I found my physician by chance a few years ago. I was a bit hesitant about paying the extra fee NTPHP requires as a concierge practice, but I am SO glad I did. The concierge medicine practice will seemingly fit my physician’s strength of spending time with the patient and listening to the patient. If you're looking for an internal medicine doctor, I don't think any can beat the knowledge and patience! Your money will be well-spent here."

"My physician is fantastic, and as for his new concierge practice, it is AMAZING!!! He is so knowledgeable and easy to talk too. I completely understand why he chose to go this route with medicine. Its more personable and brings back that "old school medicine" feel where you can actually enjoy going to the doctor, and not having to feel like your appointment is rushed or you weren't heard. I also truly appreciate how the office staff explains in detail how this practice works and there is nothing hidden or left out. I encourage anyone who loves that "old school" way of medicine to give it a try."

"Amazing doctor, caring, knowledgeable, thoughtful and analytical in providing treatment and advice. She is always available. She is proactive in calling me when test results are back. My life has changed since I started seeing her. She does not dismiss issues and does not tell me that something is in my head. I really trust her and strongly recommend her. Her nurse and staff are also superb."

"This is how medical care should be for everyone! Easy to get in touch with my doctor and her medical assistant, and their care is top notch."