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      How to Stay Healthy While Traveling This Holiday Season

      How to Stay Healthy While Traveling This Holiday Season

      One of the busiest travel months of the year is upon us.

      The excitement of visiting family and friends is palpable as people jump on planes, trains, and automobiles for a few days spent with their loved ones.

      You don’t have to sacrifice your healthy routine while traveling this season with these helpful tips:

      • Pack your own snacks. Whether it’s a long road trip or a train ride, packing your own food can help you stay on track with healthy eating. Here are some snack ideas from our Certified Registered Dietitians: Snack ideas from our Certified Registered Dietitians
      • Keep washing your hands! We know this is a mindless routine when it comes to preparing food or using the restroom, but remember to wash or sanitize your hands after being on public transportation or in crowded areas.
      • Don’t forget to drink water, especially if you are thirsty. Staying hydrated can help improve your energy and get you prepared for a long travel day ahead. Invest in a reusable water bottle and customize it with stickers to make drinking water fun.
      • Get plenty of sleep. Once you reach your destination, try to prioritize sleep, especially the first night. There’s plenty of eating, drinking, and socializing ahead, so save your energy and get ready to celebrate the holiday spirit!

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