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      7 Steps to Revamp Your New Years Resolution

      New Year resolution - get healthy
      1. Make a SMART Goal
        • Specific:
          • Less Specific: To be healthier and lose weight
          • More Specific: I will decrease my sugar intake from foods and sugary beverages by at least 75 % to have better control of my health. I am aware special occasions or events may come up that may make this difficult, and I am currently drinking sodas daily.
        • Measurable:
          • Less Measurable: Weight loss
          • More Measurable: I will log my foods to track how often I consume sugary foods or beverages with a plan to decrease that amount each week.
        • Attainable/Achievable:
          • Less Attainable/Achievable: I will lose 30lbs a month
          • More Attainable/Achievable: I will plan to decrease my sweets by 1-2 each week.
        • Relevant
          • Less Relevant: My doctor said I need to lose weight
          • More Relevant: I want to lose weight to have a better control over my health OR I want to be a better role model for my children or grandchildren
        • Timely:
          • Less Timely: I want to be at my ideal weight soon
          • More Timely: I will reach my goal by January 1st 2018.
      2. Be Prepared for Slip Ups
        • Don’t become upset or down on yourself when you veer off from your goal; we are all human and we will make mistakes. Have a plan B in place for when these slip-ups happen.
      3. Have Accountability
        • Find someone with a similar goal and team up to help keep each other accountable.
        • Make sure your goal is important to you not just to some else.
      4. Pick a Realistic Start Date
        • This is a busy time of the year so you don’t have to start on January 1st. If you have already started on your new year’s resolution or have already given up, take a step back and pick a date where you will be more successful.
      5. Avoid Creating a List of Goals
        • Don’t try to take on the world with your new year’s resolution. This will set you up to fail. Pick one small goal and take on your world with small baby steps.
      6. Congratulate Yourself for Each Success
        • Congratulate yourself for working out 1 day the past week or by being able to turn down the office treats. These are great accomplishments and small steps to creating healthier habits.
      7. Have a Daily Reminder
        • Consider writing your SMART goal down and keep it in a place you will see it every morning and evening.
        • Picture of a place you want to go or an outfit or bathing suit you hope to wear that you could strive to have if you accomplish your goal.
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