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      Preferred Health Partners (PHP)

      Preferred Health Partners (PHP) was founded by Internal Medicine physicians with primary care concierge medicine experience. Family Medicine was added in 2019, and then in 2022, PHP added Rheumatology as our first specialty.

      Our goal is to provide you with personalized, quality health care, tailored to your needs and delivered in an unhurried, one-on-one, professional manner. When you subscribe to our concierge medicine service, our practice becomes your personal health partner.

      Through our exclusive patient subscription model, we maintain the low patient-to-doctor ratios it takes to ensure you receive personalized attention. Once you subscribe, you will receive the private contact number and email address of your personal PHP doctor and nurse team. They become your 24/7 health care guardians.

      Your annual practice subscription fee directly connects you to our concierge program.

      Benefits include convenient access to physician personal lines, refreshments, educational periodic newsletter and lectures, plus valet services without additional charge.

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