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      School is finally back in session for students across Texas, and most are required to wear face masks this year. While it is exciting to finally get students back in the physical classroom and away from the Zoom screens, wearing a mask for the entire day can be an adjustment for students, especially younger ones. Life can be chaotic enough for parents trying to keep their child’s school day routine in order, so here are some tips for face masks regulations:

      Back to School Mask Health
      • Remind your child about why they are asked to wear masks. Reinforce the need to keep everyone safe and healthy this year. Better yet – let them choose the mask they want in order for them to feel a sense of control.

      • Make sure the mask fits correctly. Cut out any tags on the mask that may cause discomfort. Masks with elastic bands can cause discomfort behind the ears, so consider masks that tie behind the head.

      • Always pack a spare! Kids are busy enough keeping up with homework and social activities, so make sure there’s always a spare mask in their backpacks in case they misplace them.

      • Demonstrate mask etiquette at home. Have your child practice talking clearly through the mask in order to improve communication with their teachers.

      • Continue to stress the importance of proper hand washing and using hand sanitizer after eating lunch, playing outside, and at the end of the school day.

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