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      Learning About Our Concierge Practice

      Why should I join?

      Our type of practice allows your doctor to spend more time with you to educate on the importance of wellness, prevention, and managing any chronic medical conditions. You will work with your physician to prevent illness and achieve your health care goals in an individualized medical environment.

      I can understand why someone with a lot of health problems would want to be part of a practice like this, but I only see a doctor once or twice a year. Why would I want to join a concierge practice?

      People in good general health join for all sorts of reasons. Busy people need a convenient way to get health care when their time is limited. Others want a proactive approach to their health, with an emphasis on prevention. Still others place a high value on having a close, long-term relationship with a doctor that they trust – especially in the event of an unforeseen sudden illness or emergency.

      Do you accept kids?

      Our Family Medicine physicians typically care for children, ages 6 and up; our Internal Medicine physicians typically care for young adults and adults, ages 14 and up.  Please check with your preferred physician for any other age requirements.

      Is the practice limited to a certain number of patients?

      Yes. Each physician's practice varies in size, but the number of patients is generally limited to several hundred patients. Physicians in traditional medicine practices have patient panels of 2,000 - 3,000 patients and up. This allows us time to know you and provide personalized care for your health care needs.

      Is a membership fee required to join Preferred Health Partners?

      Yes. A selection of payment frequencies and methods have been developed for you. For more information, please contact your office location of choice by phone or submit an inquiry via our online contact form.

      What does the membership fee cover?

      The membership fee covers services that are not covered by insurance and Medicare. With attention given to each patient's individual needs, we offer a personalized practice experience. The fee does not cover copays, deductibles, office visits, lab and radiology testing, or any other services that your insurer or Medicare pays for.

      How does my membership fee work if I would like to sign up with both a PHP Primary Care physician and a PHP Rheumatologist?

      Because each of your physician relationships is separate and unique, you would have two memberships.  Each membership has its own membership fee.  The membership fee covers services that are not covered by insurance and Medicare. With attention given to each patient's individual needs, we offer a personalized practice experience. 


      Additional Rheumatology FAQs

      For Rheumatology only, how can I see a PHP Rheumatologist for medical care, prior to knowing if a membership model is right for me?

      Our PHP Rheumatologist can see rheumatology consults and provide initial follow-up of test results and treatment plans in a traditional practice format (without the patient membership fee) for new patients. Then if you need ongoing rheumatologic care, we will discuss moving you into the membership model for continued follow-up care or discharge you back to your referring physician after the consultation.

      Paying for Your Medical Services

      Do you accept Medicare?

      Yes. We are preferred providers in the Medicare program. We are not "opting out" of Medicare.

      Will my insurance plan cover the membership fee?

      Most health insurance plans do not cover the annual membership fee.

      May I use my HSA or FSA funds to pay for my retainer fee?

      Please consult with your accountant or tax advisor to see if your retainer fee is an eligible expense of your HSA or FSA plan.

      What will my insurance cover?

      Membership in Preferred Health Partners will not impact your benefit coverage. You will be able to use your insurance as you do now. Please see your insurance information for details regarding your personal plan.

      Do I still need insurance if I join your practice?

      Yes and No. You will be responsible to pay for all medical items such as appointments, specialist visits, lab work, diagnostic imaging, emergency care, hospitalizations, and medications.  This practice is not a substitute for health insurance.  The majority of our patients do carry their own health insurance policy to cover their medical care expenses; however, some of our patients choose to pay out of pocket.

      Do I still pay my co-pay or any other incurred charges outside of insurance?

      Yes. You will remain responsible for your co-pay and any other charges that insurance does not cover.

      Receiving Your Medical Care

      What if I need care after hours?

      Your personal Preferred Health Partners physician is available by a 24-hour direct line after office hours.

      If I am away for part of the year, can I still be a member of Preferred Health Partners?

      Yes. You are able to be a member, even if you travel extensively or relocate for part of the year. Your physician is available by phone, email, and text. Additionally, we offer virtual visits through telemedicine and video conferencing to discuss your health and medical needs. It may even give you peace of mind, knowing your physician can oversee and coordinate your care while you are out of town.

      What if I need to see a specialist?

      Preferred Health Partners physicians can easily coordinate your care with your existing specialists or refer you to excellent physicians in all specialties if needed.

      What if I am hospitalized?

      Most of our physicians do not directly admit to the hospital but will be able to call on your behalf to help make your entry into the hospital go more smoothly. Once you have been admitted, your physician will make visits to check on you and act as your health care advocate, working with hospitalists, surgeons, and other specialists.

      Who will take care of me when my doctor is on vacation?

      We make every effort to be available to you 24/7 via telephone and email, but in the event that is not possible, a covering concierge doctor from Preferred Health Partners will look after you in your physician’s place.

      How do I communicate with my doctor, outside of my office appointments?

      You may contact your physician or their clinical assistant 24/7 by calling their direct phone numbers. We also offer our patient portal for you to relay any non-urgent health questions or concerns, which, as a benefit, becomes an immediate part of your personal medical record. You will also have access to virtual visits with your physician and your physician’s direct email address for less urgent matters.

      Joining Our Concierge Practice

      How do I become a member of Preferred Health Partners?

      Please contact us at the phone number for the office most convenient to you. You may also complete our online contact form. These resources can also be found on our Join Today page. Our staff is happy to schedule an appointment or answer any questions you may have.

      Can I pay the membership fee in installments? Can I pay with a credit card?

      Yes. Your membership fee can be paid quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. You may pay via cash, check credit card or recurring credit card transaction.

      Does Preferred Health Partners offer any reduced membership fees?

      Yes. There are reduced membership fees for the following scenarios:

      • Young adults, ages 14 to 26, may become a member at a reduced membership fee if joining with their parent(s) at the same location.
      • Kids, ages 6 to 13, may become a member at a reduced membership fee if joining with their parent(s) at our Frisco Family Medicine or Plano Family Medicine locations.

      Can I cancel after a few months, if necessary?

      Yes. You will be refunded a pro-rated amount of your membership fee, based upon the date of cancellation.

      Learning More

      Is it possible to meet with the doctor before making a decision?

      Yes. Our staff can schedule you with an introductory meeting with one of our physicians to discuss our program and its benefits.

      How do I learn more about Preferred Health Partners?

      For more information on our practice and our physicians, please contact your office location of choice by phone or submit an inquiry via our online contact form. Our dedicated patient representatives are available and ready to assist you.


      Thank you for choosing Preferred Health Partners for your health care needs.
      We look forward to caring for you!

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