While history and physical are the most important parts of your visit, many times additional testing will be needed. Screening and diagnostic testing help your personal physician define your risk of developing illness, confirm a suspected diagnosis or monitor the status of your already diagnosed medical problems.

North Texas Preferred Health Partners offers a variety of testing in the office for your convenience*.

  • In office blood draws for standard and specialized testing.
  • Comprehensive body composition analysis in under one minute. At North Texas Preferred Health Partners, our machine uses 8-point Bioelectrical Impedance to calculate your fat mass, fat-free mass, total body water, extracellular water, intracellular water and skeletal muscle mass. We utilize this machine to help set fitness goals and track the progress of your fitness and weight loss plans.
  • We partner with Boston Heart Diagnostics to offer comprehensive cardiovascular assessment through lab analysis.
  • Baylor University Medical Center radiology offers a full spectrum of radiology testing including CT scanning, 3Tesla MRI scanning, Digital Radiology and Fluoroscopy for routine x-rays and barium studies.

In close proximity to our office locations we have access to comprehensive specialized radiology testing. When indicated, we refer patients for Coronary Artery Calcium testing through Baylor University Medical Center's cardiovascular testing. We use Baylor University Medical Center's lung cancer screening program for low dose chest CT scanning for our current and prior smokers. The Baylor Breast Imaging Center located at 3900 Junius offers digital diagnostic and screening mammography, 3D mammography, breast ultrasound, breast MRI imaging, stereotactic and ultrasound guided breast biopsy, Positron Emission Mammography, and bone density testing.

To learn more about advanced testing please call us at 214-823-4800 or request more information online.

*Not all services are available at all locations.