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      A Spring Clean Health Checklist

      A Spring Clean Health Checklist

      Spring is here, and so is al fresco dining, outdoor workouts, busier schedules, later sunsets, and most importantly, a time to spring clean your health routine. Outside of the everyday health tips, we thought we’d provide you with some unique ways you can shift your routine to be healthier:

      • Redefine the way you hydrate. If drinking water seems like a chore to you, it’s time to add a little bit of flavor. From veggie infusions to fruit-filled ice, there are plenty of nutritious additions you can add to your H2O to keep you hydrated with a smile on your face.
      • Make the park your gym. From park-bench dips to decline push-ups, this total body outdoor workout circuit is not only easy, it’s free! Enjoy the sunshine and break a sweat.
      • Your sweet tooth can have fun too! Integrate lemons and strawberries into your dessert for refreshing flavor and spring super food benefits. Strawberries can help improve your immune system and are full of vitamin C while lemons support heart health and improve your digestive system.
      • Embrace nature. Nature has such a strong influence on your attitude and emotions. It can instill calmness, joy, and creativity and you can choose whatever path you prefer. From hiking, gardening, meditating, and more, spending time outdoors can improve both your physical and mental health.

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